Healing the mind, body and soul

I’m a certified health, nutrition and fitness online coach and owner of SimplyHealthy & Organic.

SimplyHealthy & Organic provides an integrative approach to healing from the inside out. We provide health education and awareness about diet and nutrition, exercise and fitness, vitamins and supplements, and encourage a positive lifestyle. We believe your body has the innate ability to rebalance & heal, when given the chance and supported with a mind body connection.

I truly believe writing a powerful and therapeutic healing tool that should be integrated into care. Journaling, creative writing, and writing down positive affirmations all encourage growth.

I’ve learned so much throughout this journey about myself and the power of our abilities to heal through a mind, body and soul connection. I’m dedicated to helping others battling Parkinson’s or other chronic illnesses, ailments or health issues, find their path to healthy living.