Short Story Excerpt “Sarvana”

It was a late Friday afternoon. The dogs were rowdy and howling like wolves. The sirens echoed and flashing lights blared.

Sarvana’s light brown eyes were getting heavy and she slowly began drifting away. She untied her knotted red hair that sat in a high bun and laid her head back,

The TV blared the sounds of her favorite movie, Dirty Dancing. Baby and her family were just arriving at the Catskills resort.

Her lukewarm soda was flat and her half-eaten bowl of popcorn with extra butter was soggy.

The old grandfather clock she hated, hung on the white and yellow walls in front of her. She quickly opened her eyes and glanced at the time. Only 9pm, but it felt so much later.

She looked down at her phone. 10 missed calls, 6 unread messages. She moved the beige flower curtains behind her and peeked out the window. She stared into the fierce darkness and wondered what was out there was watching, lurking and waiting for her. She didn’t feel scared, but ready to face it.

Sarvana longed for peace, solace and normalcy, but that wasn’t reality. It wasn’t her reality.
She rose up from the peach couch with little rips and tears, rubbed her eyes and stretched her body.

Sleep deprivation wasn’t the only thing she suffered from. She walked over to the closet and pulled out her silver case. She dug into her pocket and grabbed the key.

Sarvana opened the case, looked at her options. She looked to the side of the case and picked up the broken frame which held a torn picture. Her sister Kammie was only 6 in this picture. She turned back to the case. She chose the Remington 870 Shotgun. Today was that kind of day.

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