Inspiration Behind “Why the Rain Isn’t So Bad”

Newly released children’s book, “Why the Rain Isn’t So Bad” is my first published book that I am so happy to share with all of you!

The manuscript for this book was written over 7 years ago after my first daughter Vishanna was born. It was left untouched, not even a remembrance in mind, until a cold, rainy and uneventful Saturday afternoon of 2021. I was truly at my breaking point, filled with a running stream of emotions. I needed to channel my negative energies into something other than my anger.

You see, I was just getting over the virus. Yes, I had COVID, but thankfully a mild case. COVID was a piece of cake, but the unexpected lingering after effects would lead me down a road of borderline depression, or so it felt.

At age 34 I was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease, and unfortunately due to COVID, all of my Parkinson’s symptoms worsened. The inflammation in my body increased, as with any infection or sickness, and caused a major imbalance in my nervous system. What I didn’t know was that the virus can affect the whole nervous system — the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. For me, it was worse as I already had a neurological condition.

I was unable to walk even a few feet to get to my bathroom. My legs felt like jello and I wobbled like a broken doll. My balance was irrefutably horrible. Standing up straight was a task that required energy that I lacked, and motivation I couldn’t muster. My two feet weren’t able to actively initiate movement. Taking a bath, when I finally could get to the bathroom, was a bit intimidating as I could feel my body swaying.

Then my speech. Words weren’t flowing and when it finally rolled off my tongue, it was a slur of disaster. I couldn’t speak anymore! My speech was undoubtedly becoming mumbled, slow and hard to understand. It made sense as my muscles were weak. How could I express myself? How could I speak to my daughters who every second would say, “What did you say Mommy?”

I felt no more fight left in me. The universe is against me I thought. Nothing ever goes my way I would cry as the tears streamed down my face.

Then my husband Vashish said plain and simple, “Okay, you can’t walk or talk right now (we were told it would get better, and it did) but find something else you can do. What else is there, I thought. I’m broken, or so I thought.

Then it clicked. I can write! I love writing. It doesn’t require me to walk or talk.

So, I pulled out the manuscript, dusted of the cobwebs and reopened the adventures of Emily and Katie. This story was originally born out of the love of raising children, but ultimately rekindled by a loss of hope. I had lost all hope, but regained it as I began writing again.

Writing is my therapy, my peace, and overall my healing energy. Writing each day has truly brought me back to life.

I encourage you to find what will give you the willpower to overcome your challenges and keep on fighting against the tide. When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s I thought my life was over, little did I know, it was the beginning of an incredible journey. Launching my first children’s book is amazing and I only look forward to more achievements. Life is so hard, and it will break you into a million pieces at times. But living it without inspiration is even harder. Living it without hope, and desire is impossible. My family is my inspiration.

Pick up your copy of “Why the Rain Isn’t So Bad” Stay tuned for new releases.

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